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3 Qualities Of A Top Nassau County Traffic Court Lawyer

There are certain qualities you want your traffic lawyer to possess. The first is that they should be familiar with the courts and the protocol. They should understand the nature of the charges against the client, and know how the prosecutors handle various traffic infractions. The lawyer should know whether an offer that is made is fair and reasonable and will benefit the client in the long run. Or whether, based on the facts and circumstances, it is better that the matter be set for trial.traffic court image

Furthermore, another quality that the traffic violations lawyer can demonstrate is that they will not fear having a matter set for trial. The lawyer should be experienced in cross examination and questions that should be asked of the trooper or officer depending upon the facts of the case. The right questions that may illicit reasonable doubt may be the difference between the finding of guilt or innocence if the matter winds up going to trial. It is important to know that if a matter is set for trial in Suffolk TPVA, that no further offers will be made.

The final quality that can be demonstrated is that even if a lawyer has many cases pending in Nassau County, that they take the time to be familiar with the facts and details of every case. The most minute detail may make the difference and could form a basis for dismissal. The lawyer should always be familiar with the motorist’s driving record so an informed decision can be made as to whether to accept or reject the offer made by the prosecutor.

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