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The Real Cost of A Speeding Ticket

The real cost of a conviction for a speeding ticket can be quite significant. We can start with the point system. The higher the speed that a motorist is convicted of, the greater the points. It starts with a three-point conviction if you speed up to 10 miles an hour over the speed limit and goes all the way to 11 points if you are convicted of speeding over 40 miles an hour over the posted speed limit.

In addition, an 11-point speeding ticket leads to a suspension and a possible revocation by the DMV after they conduct a safety hearing.

Not only that, your insurance premiums are sure to rise if you are convicted of a speeding ticket. Insurance companies usually treat speeding convictions the toughest and have their own internal point system assigned to speeding convictions. The best way to reduce or keep your insurance premium low is to avoid speeding tickets.

Furthermore, the DMV imposes a driver assessment fee for a motorist who accumulates 6 points on their driving record in an 18-month period based on the date of violation. The driver assessment fee begins at $300 and increases incrementally for every point over six.

Of course, it is a smart idea to have an experienced traffic attorney represent you if you are charged with a speeding ticket. So you are likely to incur legal fees too for utilizing an experienced traffic attorney. Although, this money will most likely be well spent since they can certainly help minimize the damage for any speeding tickets you receive.

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