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Should I have an advanced care directive?

should i have an advanced care directive?We never can be sure of the uncertainties that life presents. This can be especially true as it pertains to our health and well-being, more so when we reached an advanced age. It is for this reason that the need for a living will and health care proxy is so vital. This critical document sets forth the circumstances upon which you expect your health care to be managed in the event that you are unable to render medical decisions on your behalf. This directive normally takes effect if you are under anesthesia, or if you slip into a coma and are unable to make decisions about the course of your health care. More importantly, this document appoints a health care agent (also referred to as “health care proxy”) who is entrusted with the power to render these medical decisions on your behalf based upon the wishes and directives that you set forth in your living will and health care proxy. This document also appoints a successor health care agent in the event that your primary agent is unbelievable, is deceased, or is otherwise unable to act in that capacity.

Common advances health care directives normally involve the consent to a “Do Not Resuscitate Order” (DNR), and often that if your medical condition render syou in a vegetative status with no reasonable likelihood that you will regain consciousness, that you do not wish to be kept alive by artificial nutrition or hydration. Naturally, these are difficult decisions that should be carefully discussed with your family, your physician, or if necessary, your clergy as it involves very important decisions as to your end-of-life care. We can tailor the directive that it is in keeping with your religious and moral convictions.

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