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Can Getting A DWI Cause Me To Lose My Job?

The question of whether a conviction of DWI can cause you to lose your job is largely a function of the nature of your work. Clearly there is a stronger likelihood that a career that involves transportation or the care and safety of others can jeopardize one’s job. But remember that there are jobs wherein there are workplace rules that concern how they will deal with a conviction of a crime, and remember that DWI is a misdemeanor, ergo, it is a crime. If you have a job that is union protected, you certainly should consult with your union representative about the workplace rules dealing with a conviction for DWI. In that case, there are certain rights for which you should avail yourself to seek if you can keep your job with as little disruption as possible.

If one is in the public education field like a teacher or someone who works for the education department and deals with children, public schools have a self-reporting requirement which will require that you report such a conviction. If you are part of a union, you should definitely speak to your union representative at your school about the self-reporting requirements. Please note that the rules will be different if you teach in a private or parochial school as opposed to a public school.

If you have questions concerning your workplace rights, you should certainly consult a labor and employment lawyer for further clarification.

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