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Do Traffic Tickets Impact My Insurance Rates?

Most convictions for moving violations under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) will have some impact on your auto insurance rates. Obviously, other factors are also taken into account to determine one’s insurance risk such as age and accident history.

Traffic convictions, whether misdemeanor or simple infractions, can impact one’s auto insurance premiums. Logically speaking, you would be correct to assume that serious traffic violations such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) (misdemeanor), Reckless Driving (misdemeanor) (5 DMV points) and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (2nd or 3rd Degree) (misdemeanors) will have a significant impact on your auto insurance premium.

 Other serious traffic infractions such as speeding, operating a motor vehicle while using a phone or other electronic device, following too closely (tailgating), or failure to stop for a school bus, can significantly impact your auto insurance rates. Clearly there is a direct relationship between a higher speeding conviction and the rate of increase on your premium.

The less serious the moving violation conviction, the less of an effect you will be on your auto insurance rates. Once important item to remember is that insurance companies differ in how they set their rates and while one particular conviction may yield a sharp increase in premium for your auto insurance, another company may realize a less significant increase.

One thing you can always do to help the cause is to enroll and successfully complete a NYSDMV-approved defensive driving course. The DMV website will list various organizations which offer courses that the DMV recognizes and approves.

 Note that you have complete a defensive driving course every 18 months for purposes of point reduction (up to 4 points) and every 36 months for purposes of auto insurance premium reduction.

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