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What are the consequences of receiving speeding tickets that fall under the jurisdiction of the Suffolk TPVA?

Suffolk speeding ticketThe Suffolk Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (SCTPVA) commenced operations in April, 2013, replacing the previous DMV-run Suffolk TVB. While providing more favorable dispositions than the prior entity, there are some factors that a motorist should be aware of, prompting the need for an experienced traffic attorney.

When determining the disposition for a motorist who is charged with a violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), the prosecutors will clearly review the motorist’s driving record in New York. When facing a speeding charge, the prosecution looks to see whether there are prior speeding convictions in determining a possible disposition through plea bargaining. Depending on the prior record, the prosecutor has the discretion to either offer a reduction to the original charge, or not tender an offer, which results in either a plea to the original charge by the motorist or having the case set down for a trial.

In Suffolk, not only are prior speeding convictions considered, but if the original charge on a prior Suffolk ticket was a speed and it was reduced to a lower charge, the fact that the original ticket was a speed can also have a serious effect on the ability get a favorable outcome for the motorist. Based on these facts, you need an experienced traffic lawyer who is familiar with the practice and procedures in such courts.

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