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Should I Have An Estate Plan For My Pet?

There are specific provisions that can be set up in the context of a will to provide a funded trust for one’s pet. I sure understand that a pet is a loved one that is part of the family. A provision should be included within the context of the will that creates a testamentary pet trust and states who is to be named the trustee and also, how the trust is to be funded.

Of course, you should notify the nominated trustee and successor trustee as they should not be caught off guard in the event that you unexpectedly pass away. You should be very careful and wise about who you choose at the pet trustee. You should be sure the nominated trustee loves pets, and in particular your pet. They should be enthusiastic about accepting such a responsibility.

You should not necessarily mention a specific pet name in case you have a new pet by the time you pass away relative to when you drafted the will. You can always include a provision that states, “My dog Spot, or any other dog or pet that I own at the time of my death”. You should try and estimate the approximate annual cost to care for a pet so there is sufficient funding in the pet trust.

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