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What Do I Do If I Get A Stop Sign Ticket In Nassau County, NY?

stop sign ticketIf you are stopped by a law enforcement official in Nassau County for passing a stop sign (or failure to make a complete stop), do not admit liability and be courteous to the officer when receiving the stop sign ticket. It is of utmost importance that you recall the details of the incident and traffic stop so you can discuss the matter with a qualified traffic ticket lawyer in Nassau County, NY.

The penalty for pleading guilty to a violation of passing a stop sign is three (3) DMV points plus fines and mandatory state surcharges. It is a moving violation, and conviction under this statute of the Vehicle and Traffic Law can have possible ramifications on your New York State Driver’s License and your insurance premiums.

Please discuss this matter and any other traffic violations or misdemeanors in Nassau County with an experienced Long Island traffic ticket lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert.