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How Do You Negotiate A Speeding Ticket With A Prosecutor?

While your best strategy to negotiate a speeding ticket with a prosecutor is to retain the services of an experienced traffic ticket attorney in New York, there are some tactics which can aid you when attempting to plea bargain your speeding ticket.

One of the easiest strategies one can employ is one that does not involve any type of legal training or acumen. That would be to be courteous and respectful to the prosecutor. It is important to remember that prosecutors have a high volume of cases to handle each day and it is important to remember that they are only doing their job and they deserve your respect. The more respect and courtesy you show to the prosecutor, the same is usually reciprocated. This can make the difference in some cases when it comes to trying to secure the best plea bargain.

Another factor to take into account is your driving record. Some prosecutors and Court review one’s prior driving history more so than others. It may help if you do have a good driving record for an extended period of time to let the prosecutor know this fact.

In addition, if there was some extenuating circumstances that may have caused you to drive over the speeding limit, it may be wise to let the prosecutor know this fact. Usually, documentary evidence which indicates an emergency situation at the time and place of the incident may help in getting a better disposition of your case.

Finally, while I can’t stress enough the importance of having an attorney represent you if you have a speeding ticket in New York, if you see any defects on the ticket itself (i.e. name, make/model of car, incorrect location of incident), this may increase your bargaining position when it comes time to plea bargain your ticket. However, quite often such issues with the sufficiency of the accusatory instrument (i.e. ticket) need to be made in writing in the context of a formal motion to dismiss. 

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