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How Long Do Points Stay On My License And Why Does This Matter?

With the exception of alcohol-related convictions and some other traffic convictions, most convictions for moving violations will appear on your driving abstract for a period of three (3) years. However, the important factor to note is that you need eleven (11) points within an eighteen (18) month period to have your license or driving privileges suspended by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles.

The timing is crucial and some people have a misconception as to when these points count against a motorist. It is important to remember that the points for any convictions accrue as to the date of the violation, regardless of the subsequent conviction of the moving violation. This applies to speeding, red light (assuming not by camera), tailgating and failure to signal/yield conviction, among other moving violations. It is also important to note that a DMV-approved defensive driving course can reduce your auto insurance premiums by up to 10% and reduce up to four (4) points off your driving record. However, please be sure to take the course after the points appear on your driving record (abstract). The defensive driving course can not be used to remove points that may appear in the future.

Further, if you have six (6) points on your driving record at any one time, the DMV will charge a driver improvement fee of $300 (payable at $100/year for three (3) years), and $25 per point over those 6 points each year for the same three year period.

This reinforces the reason to have an experienced traffic lawyer to assist you so you can keep your New York driver’s license intact.

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