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How Traffic Violations Can Affect A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in New York

Do CDL drivers suffer bigger consequences for traffic violations? Does the fact they received these violations when not operating a commercial vehicle affect their CDL status?

In New York State, a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a special license conferred upon drivers of certain types of vehicles, usually those with a gross weight over 26,000 pounds, or to transport hazardous materials.

Moreso than those who have a driver’s license for passenger vehicles, a conviction under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) can, in certain instances, have more profound effects on one’s CDL than that of a passenger vehicle license holder.

In New York State, the DMV will suspend your CDL for a period of sixty (60) days if you are convicted of two (2) “serious traffic violations”) within a 3-year period. The important thing to remember is that these violations must involve the operation of a commercial vehicle.

Furthermore, your CDL will be suspended for 120 days if you are convicted of three (3) serious traffic violations within a 3-year period involving your commercial motor vehicle.

DMV defines a “serious traffic violation” as operating a motor vehicle while speeding at least 15 MPH over the posted limited, lane change violations, following too closely (tailgating), reckless driving (a traffic misdemeanor in New York), operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL, and an accident in which there was a fatality and the CDL driver received a traffic violation.

A serious traffic violation also occurs against a CDL driver when they are convicted of leaving the scene of an accident.

As to alcohol and drug convictions, regardless of whether they arise out of the operation of a commercial or non-commercial vehicle, they will result in a one (1) year loss of CDL privileges after a first offense, and if convicted a second time for any of these violations, the CDL privileges are lost for life.

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