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I Live In Garden City. Should I Hire A Garden City Lawyer To Represent Me In Traffic Court? Why?

If you live in Garden City, it is always wise to hire not only an experienced traffic lawyer, but you should hire one who is familiar with the rules and procedures of the local courts. From my own experience as a criminal and traffic attorney, I can tell you that if you do not know the procedures in the court, and in particular, what types of offers you can expect for various traffic infractions, you will be doing a disservice to your client.police car in rearview mirror

The lawyer must take the time to be familiar with the facts and details of every case. The smallest detail may make the difference and could form a basis for dismissal. The lawyer should always be familiar with the motorist’s driving record so an informed decision can be made as to whether to accept or reject the offer made by the prosecutor.

It is very important that if you live in Garden City, that you retain a traffic lawyer who will take the time to review your traffic matter with you, and devise a strategy and course of events that will be realistic and of utmost benefit to the client. This can only occur if you use an experienced traffic lawyer who is local and familiar with the procedures of the local traffic and criminal courts.

If you need an experienced Garden City traffic lawyer, please contact attorney Michael W. Alpert at (516) 280-7288 or