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If you inherit a house or personal property in New York, do you need an estate lawyer?

inherit a house or personal propertyWhether you inherit real or personal property in New York, it is always important to have an experienced estate attorney consult with you to properly advise as to whether you are receiving your appropriate share of an estate.

At the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert, Esq., we offer a free initial consultation to review your unique situation, whether you are receiving property as a beneficiary in a Last Will and Testament (probate proceeding), as a distributee of person who dies without a will (administration proceeding), or you receive property by operation of law (i.e. joint account holder, joint tenancy).

In the case where an individual receives property as a beneficiary under the terms of a Last Will and Testament, it is appropriate to consult an attorney to confirm that the fiduciary appointed to administer the estate (i.e. executor) has disbursed estate proceeds to the proper parties consistent with the wishes of the decedent. Further, any interested party who benefits under the term of the Will can seek an accounting of estate assets in the Surrogate’s Court to ensure distributions were properly conveyed.