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If I Live in Another State, How Does a DWI Conviction Affect My Driver License in My Home State?

When considering the effects of DWI conviction on an out-of-state license, it is important to remember that thereDWI Conviction Man Handcuffedare two states to consider. First, you must consider the effect on your New York driving privileges since that is the state where the DWI case takes place. Second, once New York DMV notifies your home state, there will be ramifications on your driver’s license in your home state.

In New York, when you are convicted of DWI, in addition to possible jail or probation, mandatory fines, ignition interlock installation, Drinker Driver Program and Victim Impact Panel Courses, your driving privileges will be revoked for six months in New York. It is a one year revocation if you are under 21, or if you are convicted of aggravated DWI (BAC .18 or higher).

As far as the effects of a New York DWI on your home license, you must look to state law to see if the elements for a DWI conviction mirror that of New York. If so, you may be subject to the same penalties as New York, including mandatory driver license revocation, fines, insurance assessments, community service, DMV courses, and others. It is important to note that New York does provide a conditional license for New York license holders during the period of revocation or suspension. The same is not true for out-of-state resident who are not entitled to conditional driving privileges. However, some states (like New Jersey) provide no conditional license during the period of suspension or revocation.

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