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What to do if you are stopped by the police and innocent

what to do if you are innocently stopped by the policeIn the event you are stopped by a law enforcement officer as the result of an alleged traffic infraction, you should certainly be courteous. Even though the stop may be very inconvenient and annoying for the motorist, you should not antagonize or instigate the officer in any way, as those actions as only serve to work against you.

Furthermore, of utmost importance, do not admit any wrongdoing or make any admissions as to the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. Always remember that any oral admissions you make to the officer can and will be used against you in the event of any court proceedings. If the officer asks you any questions about the incident, you should be courteous and respectfully say that you do not want to answer any questions until you have spoken with an attorney. Be sure that you take notes after the stop, as you have the best recollection of the events immediately after the incident occurs.

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