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What Are The Main Reasons for License Suspension?

drivers license suspensionThe New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) establishes a variety of rules and regulations upon which your New York driver’s license (or driving privilege if you are out-of-state) can be suspended.

There are two general categories of license suspensions. The first category is referred to as definite suspensions, which will last for a certain period of time. You will be unable to drive until that suspension period ends, pay a suspension termination fee and have a valid driver’s license. Common instances for definite suspensions occur if you were convicted of a DUI/DWI/DWAI related offense, you received 11 points within an 18 month period, or you did not have valid automobile liability insurance.

With respect to indefinite suspensions, there is a step you need to take to lift an existing suspension on your New York license. Usually clients who I represent have such suspensions because they failed to answer a traffic summons or they failed to pay a fine for a traffic violations for which they were convicted. If fines were not paid, they must be paid before the suspension is lifted along with the suspension termination fee (currently $70).

Other reasons for suspensions can include failure to pay child support, failure to pay driver responsibility fee, failure to pay NYS income taxes, or failure to report a motor vehicle accident.

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