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What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Traffic Ticket?

There are various consequences that can occur if a motorist does not pay their traffic fines within the timeframe proscribed by the Court or traffic agency. Before June of 2021, in New York State if a motorist did not pay their traffic fine on time, the Court had the discretion to issue a suspension notice, and DMV would receive said notice and suspend the motorist’s license or driving privileges in New York.

Under current state law, New York Courts or traffic agencies have to give the motorist additional notice and the opportunity to appear in Court and establish a payment plan before any action is taken against their license. In most notices, there is an additional paragraph which states the procedures for creating a payment plan. The payment amount sets forth a minimum that must be paid each month until the fine is satisfied. There is a financial disclosure form that must be completed as well.

Unpaid traffic violations (including jaywalking) can lead to a license suspension for failure to pay a fine and/or establish a payment plan with the Court or relevant traffic agency. For unpaid parking tickets, while a license can’t be suspended, other action can be taken by the Court/agency. This can include preventing the motorist from re-registering their vehicle, having a civil judgment placed against the motorist, immobilizing the vehicle (boot), and vacating the plea.

In spite of the additional notice requirements, your traffic fines and surcharges should be paid on time, or every effort should be made to enter into a payment plan to avoid adverse consequences against your license or driving privileges in New York.

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