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When Is It Worth It To Contest Or Fight A Ticket?

As it goes with most questions in life, there isn’t always a simple answer. This question is no different. Generally speaking, it is worth it to contest or fight a traffic ticket. In a vast majority of cases, you are better served by having your case handled by an experienced traffic violations attorney.

Depending upon the particular violation, a vast majority of tickets issued by law enforcement carry points. Violations such as speeding can range from 3-11 points depending on the alleged speed and the zone limit. There are also serious consequences if the speed occurs in a school zone or a construction zone. Other traffic violations that carry points include driving while operating a phone/mobile device (5 points), tailgating (5), unsafe lane change (3), among many others.

In fact, there are more serious traffic violations that are misdemeanors, the most common ones being driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless driving (5 points as well), driving with a suspended license, or driving with a suspended registration. Clearly such serious violations require the expertise of an experienced criminal and traffic attorney.

As a rule, if a traffic ticket carries points, jail time, a criminal charge (i.e. misdemeanor, felony), or serious fines, and most tickets fall into one of these categories, it would be in your best interest to seek counsel from an experienced Long Island traffic attorney.

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