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Will Hiring An Attorney Save Me Money on a Traffic Ticket?

The short answer to this question is YES. However, the real concern (although money is always a concern) should be reduction of traffic points, or in some instances, reduction of a traffic misdemeanor (a criminal) charge to a lower, much less serious traffic violation. There are certain court costs that can not be waived. For example, if there is a plea/conviction to a traffic violation or an equipment violation,  there are certain mandated state surcharges that can not be waived or reduced. Certain other court have their own built-in administrative fees that they impose for all disposed tickets (except for tickets that are dismissed or where there is a not guilty verdict at trial).

Clearly, having an attorney can help reduce some of the significant fines that can be incurred with a plea or conviction to much more serious charges that can lead to points, which can lead to a suspension if you have 11 points in an 18 month period, or the imposition of a driver assessment fee if you have 6 points in that same 18 month time interval.

Reducing the charge to a less serious violation can lead to lower fines and reduce the chances of having to pay a driver responsibility fee or a suspension termination fee if you fall into that category.

I would also say that having an experienced traffic attorney can reduce the ever-rising auto insurance premiums by helping the client with tickets that have a lot of points and can raise a red flag for insurance underwriters like speeding tickets, cell phone violations, tailgating, and unsafe lane change violations. The motorist can always help the cause by enrolling in a NYSDMV-approved defensive driving course.

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