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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Garden City, NY

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Worried about a traffic ticket or a moving violation? Are you fearful that a lingering DUI/DWI charge could cause you to lose your license or worse, your job? If you’re looking for an experienced traffic attorney in Garden City to help you resolve any of these issues – attorney Michael W. Alpert is here to help you. Handling traffic matters has been his area of expertise for over 25 years. He has extensive experience practicing before the criminal and village courts and the traffic agencies and Traffic Violation Bureaus (TVBs) in Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City. He is very familiar and well known at both the Garden City Village Court and the Nassau County TPVA which is also located in Garden City.

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The Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert
226 Seventh Street Suite 302, Garden City, New York 11530
Phone: (516) 280-7288
Fax: (516) 706-3260

Our Specialization Areas

Our law office in Garden City, NY handles all traffic violations including:

Attorney Michael W. Alpert also handles charges, such as driving with a suspended license, driving with suspended registration, DWI/DUI, reckless driving, and engaging in speeding contests.

Our Success Rate

Approximately 97% of satisfied clients received a reduction or an outright dismissal of their traffic violations. Our law firm has extensive experience handling 1000s of legal matters in the following Courts and Agencies:

Benefits of Working with Michael W. Alpert

Additionally, you get to work directly with Michael W. Alpert. Some clients do not have to personally appear in Court if they retain an attorney.

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How Our Garden City Traffic Lawyer Will Help You

We Handle Traffic Ticket and Violations our of Our Garden City Law Office

avvo-clients-choice-award-2021-michael-w-alpertSpeeding Tickets: Garden City traffic attorney Michael W. Alpert will review your summons to identify deficiencies and will advise you on how to defend against them. Your driving record will be reviewed to determine the best outcome and how the matter can be resolved. He is proficient when it comes to procedures and protocols for all local Courts and traffic agencies.

Suspended License: This is considered a misdemeanor (a crime). Michael W. Alpert will thoroughly review your driving record to address the underlying basis for the suspension and the steps to be taken to clear the suspension. Quite often, he can get the misdemeanor reduced to a non-criminal violation, such as a traffic ticket, and can get many of the attached tickets dismissed in satisfaction of the plea.

Suspended Registration: A suspended registration is a driving misdemeanor that often results from a lapse of insurance. Depending on whether the operator of the vehicle is the owner will determine how the case will be resolved. Regardless, Michael is a traffic attorney who gets optimal results for his clients.

Cell Phone Tickets: Attorney Michael W. Alpert knows what to look for regarding any facially insufficient components of the traffic violation – whether it’s talking or texting on the phone while driving. He’s known for getting 5-point violations reduced significantly.

Trucking Tickets: Transportation Law violations such as an overweight vehicle, brakes, steering, and other equipment violations that the attorney can get reduced successfully, and often dismissed outright. If the tickets are issued to a corporation, the company must retain an attorney.

No Insurance Violations: If convicted his violation can carry a 1-year license revocation and a high civil penalty. Attorney Michael W. Alpert knows how to navigate through this type of violation and can help with getting the best possible violation, regardless of whether the operator is the owner, or whether the vehicle carries insurance or not.

Reckless Driving: This 5-point traffic misdemeanor, conviction can result in jail time and have adverse immigration consequences if you are a non-citizen. Additionally, many insurance companies might choose to cancel the driver’s policy or refuse to renew it. Michael is an attorney who is extremely well-versed in traffic misdemeanors and has represented many clients with this type of violation.

Stop Sign Violations: A common 3-point violation that we can help with. Oftentimes, this violation can reduced to 0 points and not affect one’s driving record or auto insurance premiums.

DWI/DUI Defense

We Handle DUI and DWI Cases out of our of Our Garden City Law Office

DWI: Garden City DWI Attorney Michael W. Alpert has extensive experience defending clients charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and related charges in Nassau and Suffolk County. During the initial consultation, he will review the charges thoroughly with you, including possible adverse consequences with the DMV.

Michael advises the best course of action once all of the discovery material has been submitted, and whether a plea bargain is in the best interests of the motorist. Or, whether grounds exist for dismissal of the action based upon numerous factors regarding the stop and whether constitutional safeguards were provided to the motorist.

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Why Choose Michael W. Alpert in Garden City

He has been a practicing attorney before the Court of New York State for over 2 decades. A large majority of his traffic cases result in a very successful final result. Many have resulted in 0-point convictions, non-criminal dispositions, or significantly reduced charges.

Client-Centric Approach

At the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert, we prioritize a client-focused method to ensure your legal journey is as smooth and effective as possible.

Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. Personalized Legal Strategies

Every case is unique, which is why we create customized legal plans that fit your specific situation. Our goal is to provide solutions that align with your personal and legal needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

  1. Clear Communication

Expect straightforward explanations and updates about your case, so you always know where you stand and what to expect next.

  1. Very Personable

You’re not just another case to us. We take the time to get to know you and understand your concerns, making your legal experience more comfortable and less stressful.

  1. Very Patient and Understanding

Facing legal issues can be overwhelming. That’s why we approach every interaction with patience and empathy, ensuring you feel heard and supported throughout the process.

  1. Quick Reply to Client Questions/Concerns

Questions or concerns? We’re here for you. We are committed to responding quickly to your inquiries, so you’re never left in the dark about your case.

Local Traffic Laws and Regulations

Michael W. Alpert has long-standing experience in the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) and Garden City Village Court, which are both located in Garden City. He has represented many clients who live in the Village of Garden City as well.

Testimonials & Client Traffic Ticket Successes in Garden City

5 star review

“I hired Mr. Alpert to take care of my son’s traffic violations. He is extremely friendly and will answer all your questions. I’ve emailed Mr. Alpert after business hours and on weekends expecting an answer the following business day but he answered within a few hours, sometimes even within the hour. He handled all my son’s traffic violations with amazingly good outcomes. I don’t know how things work in the courthouse but I feel like Mr. Alpert’s great personality along with his obvious knowledge of the law makes him very well-liked and definitely helps him get positive outcomes for his clients. I have recommended him to family and friends, they have also had a positive experience. You will not regret using this lawyer.” – Dawn

5 star review“I had a car forfeiture case which has been settled by mike. He responded back to me as quickly as he can and answered me all the questions and finally came up with a wonderful settlement with the plaintiff. I felt him as a friend rather than lawyer while working with him. I recommended my friend to him for and even he is happy.” – Rohit

5 star review“Mike was very informative and straightforward with everything in my case. I had 3 tickets that were over a year old, ranging from a no signal violation to a speeding violation of 90 over 55 which all lead to a suspension. After I consulted Mike for the first time, within 10 days, I was able to take care of all my tickets and my suspension. I highly recommend him; he is a great lawyer.” – Eric

5 star review“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Michael since we attended Hofstra Law School. He has a wide array of expertise, offering expert counsel in many areas. He was of particular assistance to my wife in connection with vehicle/driver’s license issue, securing full dismissal of the matter. He also drafted our wills. I have full trust and confidence in his abilities and would seek his counsel on almost any matter. In sum, he is a terrific attorney.” – Richard B.

5 star review“I recently retained Mr. Alpert to assist with my son’s traffic violation. I initially reached out to him and despite being away he responded. He was consistent and timely in his response. My son had 2 court dates. He represented him in both instances. The charge of aggregated unlicensed operator could have come with hefty fines and possible jail time. He negotiated to no points assessed, no jail time and minimal fee. Hands down he was more than I expected. I will be using him again and recommending him to my friends and family. He is honest and knows the law.” – Norma D.

Client Success Stories

Story #1

The client had a high 6-point speed which in the Village of Garden City is a 30 MPH Zone. The challenge was to try and reduce the 59/30 to a parking ticket. This was a challenge given the fact it was almost twice the speed limit. Michael was still able to get the charge reduced to a parking ticket and the client was beyond happy.

Story #2

A resident had numerous traffic misdemeanors and violations, most notably driving with a suspended license in Suffolk County. The extent of the tickets and charges presented quite a challenge. After speaking with the DA, I was able to reduce all of these serious charges to a parking ticket. It was a big victory.

Story #3

A client with a 5-point cell phone ticket in Garden City Village Court. This is a serious violation and can have an impact on the motorist’s driving record and insurance rates. Michael was able to successfully negotiate a reduction to a parking ticket. Happy attorney and an even happier client.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between Garden City Village Court and Nassau County TPVA in Garden City?

A: Garden City Village Court handles traffic violations and certain traffic misdemeanors that occurred within the incorporated Village of Garden City. Traffic violations not in the incorporated village go through Nassau County TPVA and certain traffic misdemeanors would be handled in Nassau County District Court.

Q: Are you familiar with the Garden City Village Court and the Nassau TPVA in Garden City?

A: Attorney Michael W. Alpert has handled countless traffic matters in both of these courts and he is very familiar with the procedures for obtaining a very successful resolution for the client.

Q: Are DWIs that allegedly occurred in Garden City handled through the Garden City Village Court?

A: The charge of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) that occurs within the incorporated village of Garden City will be adjudicated in Nassau County First District Court in Hempstead.

Q: What are some very common tickets that are issued in Garden City that are handled in the Garden City Village Court?

A: The most common tickets our office handles in the Village Court are speeding in a 30 MPH Zone and Cell phone violations.

About Garden City:

Garden City is a unique blend of history and modern living, forming a welcoming town with the convenience of urban-like amenities. Situated on Long Island, it contains beautiful parks, notable historical sites, and active shopping and dining scenes. This town isn’t just a place to live — it’s a lifestyle that invites everyone from the Island and even the city to enjoy its small shops, delicious food, cultural highlights, and outdoor activities. As a key business hub on Long Island, Garden City offers a thriving place for both work and leisure, making it an ideal spot for families and professionals alike.

Garden City is home to approximately 23,029 (2021) residents.

Our office is near several prominent courthouses, including the Nassau County Supreme Court and the Nassau County District Court. This proximity not only provides easy access to legal proceedings but also emphasizes our commitment to serving our clients with efficiency and diligence. Being in such close proximity to these key judicial institutions allows us to navigate legal processes seamlessly and represent our clients effectively.

Popular landmarks close to Garden City include:


Garden City Village Court
349 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, New York 11530
(516) 465-4080

Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA)
801 Axinn Avenue
Garden City, New York 11530
(516) 572-2700

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Map and Directions

LIRR Train from Manhattan to the Garden City Train Station

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Driving Directions

Driving Directions from Manhattan, NY to the Law Offices of Attorney Michael W. Alpert at 226 Seventh Street, Garden City, New York 11530:

  1. Start out going east on W 34th St toward 5th Ave in Manhattan.
  2. Take the ramp onto I-495 E/Long Island Expy and continue to follow I-495 E for 12.5 miles.
  3. Take exit 35 for Meadowbrook Pkwy S toward Jones Beach.
  4. Merge onto Meadowbrook Pkwy S and continue for 6.5 miles.
  5. Take the exit toward Stewart Ave/Garden City and merge onto Stewart Ave.
  6. Turn right onto Seventh St, and the law offices of Michael W. Alpert will be on your right at 226 Seventh St, Garden City, NY 11530.