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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Westbury, NY

Michael W. Alpert, On Your Side

With over 25 years of legal experience, Westbury, NY area, Traffic Ticket Lawyer Michael W. Alpert has established a powerful presence in the courtrooms of Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City, particularly before criminal and village courts, as well as traffic agencies and Traffic Violation Bureaus (TVBs). Specializing in traffic-related legal matters, Michael possesses a deep understanding and specialized knowledge required to navigate the complexities of New York traffic law. His expertise in this field ensures that clients receive proficient, timely and effective legal representation tailored to their unique cases.

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Traffic Law Specialization Areas

At the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert, we are equipped to manage a comprehensive range of traffic violations, from traffic infractions to more severe misdemeanors and felonies. If you need a Westbury traffic lawyer, our law office concentrates in Traffic Law with expertise in a variety of cases such as:

Additionally, our law office handles serious charges including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, and engaging in speed contests. Our commitment is to provide legal support and representation for all traffic-related legal issues, ensuring that your rights are defended.

Our firm prides itself on an impressive success rate, with 97% of our clients experiencing a reduction or complete dismissal of their traffic charges. Many of those Clients are from the Westbury area in Nassau. We have deep local experience as our offices are minutes away. This track record reflects our deep commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

At the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert, we use our deep legal knowledge, knowledge of the courts and strategic skills to handle every case with professionalism and a strong commitment to making our clients satisfied with their outcomes.

Whether negotiating for lesser penalties or fighting for a dismissal, our goal is to secure a favorable resolution that minimizes the impact of traffic violations on our clients’ lives.

We are proud to have extensive experience handling thousands of legal matters in the following Courts and Agencies near Westbury:

Benefits of Working with Attorney Michael W. Alpert

Choosing to work with traffic ticket attorney Michael W. Alpert offers numerous advantages for drivers facing traffic violations near Westbury. Here are the key strengths that set our services apart:

By choosing Michael W. Alpert as your traffic attorney, you benefit from dedicated legal representation that prioritizes your best interests and aims to deliver the most favorable results possible.

How Our Traffic Ticket Lawyer Will Help You In Westbury NY

AVVO Client Choice Award 2021 - Michael W. AlpertThe below are the most common tickets residents receive in the Westbury, NY area. Hire a traffic ticket lawyer who knows the local courts, the systems and the strategies to effect the right outcomes for you. Our client testimonials speak to our abilities very clearly and we recommend reading them online. You will also work with our principal attorney, not a junior lawyer.

Westbury Speeding Tickets: Attorney Michael Alpert reviews each speeding ticket you received in Westbury meticulously to identify any discrepancies or procedural errors. He examines the motorist’s driving record to advise strategically on defense and resolution, ensuring familiarity with local court procedures and traffic agencies to advocate effectively for the client.

Suspended License: Recognizing the severity of driving with a suspended license, a serious misdemeanor, Attorney Alpert closely reviews the driving record with the client to understand and address the reasons for suspension. He often successfully negotiates reductions of these charges to non-criminal violations and secures dismissals of related tickets.

Suspended Registration: Typically arising from insurance lapses, the resolution of suspended registration cases depends on whether the driver is also the vehicle owner. Attorney Alpert has a strong track record of achieving favorable outcomes in these types of cases.

Cell Phone Tickets: Attorney Alpert scrutinizes cell phone tickets for any legal insufficiencies, often significantly reducing the penalties associated with these five-point violations.

Trucking Tickets: Handling Transportation Law violations, such as issues with vehicle weight, brakes, and other equipment, Attorney Alpert effectively reduces or dismisses charges, essential for corporate-owned vehicles that require legal representation.

No Insurance Violations: With potential penalties including a one-year license revocation and hefty fines, Attorney Alpert expertly navigates these complex cases to achieve the best possible outcome, regardless of the insurance status at the time of the violation.

Reckless Driving: Understanding the serious consequences of reckless driving, including potential jail time and canceled insurance/higher premiums, Attorney Alpert utilizes his deep knowledge of traffic law to defend clients against these 5-point misdemeanors.

Stop Sign Violations: Common yet impactful, stop sign violations are areas where Attorney Alpert often reduces the penalties to 0 points, as well as preventing effects on driving records and insurance premiums increases.

Westbury DWI/DUI Defense

What can you expect if pulled over for a potential DUI/DWI in Westbury? Attorney Michael Alpert is highly experienced in defending clients against charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. During initial consultations, he thoroughly reviews the charges with his clients, discussing potential repercussions with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and outlining the legal landscape ahead.

He also thoroughly analyzes all discovery materials associated with your case. He provides expert advice on the best course of action, determining whether to negotiate a plea bargain or pursue a dismissal based on the specifics of the traffic stop and the obedience to constitutional rights. His strategic approach focuses on achieving the most favorable outcome while protecting your legal rights throughout the process.

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Why Choose Michael Alpert in Westbury, NY?

Michael Alpert has been a steadfast advocate for his clients as a practicing attorney in New York State for over 20 years. His extensive experience within the judicial system equips him with the insights and knowledge necessary to navigate complex legal challenges effectively. And, his offices are local. Michael concentrates in traffic law almost exclusively, making him the go-to attorney in the area for any ticket.

A large majority of traffic cases handled by Attorney Alpert end with exceptionally favorable outcomes. These include no-point convictions, non-criminal dispositions, and significantly reduced charges.

Here Are A Few More Reasons to Choose Attorney Michael Alpert

Personalized Legal Strategies: Every client’s situation is unique, and Attorney Michael Alpert recognizes this by crafting tailored legal strategies that align with the specific needs and objectives of each case. His approach ensures that every client receives a customized defense designed for positive legal outcomes.

Clear Communication: Understanding the complexities of legal proceedings can be challenging. Michael Alpert prides himself on making the law accessible to his clients by communicating clearly and effectively, ensuring they fully understand each step of their case.

Very Personable: Working with Michael means treating you with respect and empathy. His personable approach eases the stress often associated with legal challenges, making clients feel supported throughout their legal journey.

Very Patient and Understanding: Recognizing the emotional toll legal issues can impose, Michael Alpert approaches each case with patience and understanding. He takes the time to listen to clients’ concerns and addresses them thoughtfully, ensuring they feel heard and valued.

Quick Response to Client Questions/Concerns: Michael Alpert is committed to responsiveness, understanding that timely communication is imperative in legal matters. Clients can expect quick replies to their questions and concerns, providing peace of mind and keeping them informed every step of the way.

Local Traffic Laws and Regulations in Westbury, NY

Michael Alpert’s deep familiarity with the legal landscape of Westbury sets him apart as a distinguished advocate in traffic law. His extensive experience within both the Westbury Village Court and Old Westbury Village Court has equipped him with a diverse understanding of local traffic laws and regulations. This insight proves invaluable, particularly as these venues are where many traffic-related legal proceedings occur.

Having represented numerous clients from the Village of Westbury, Michael Alpert has fine-tuned his expertise in local jurisdictional details, ensuring that his clients benefit from legal representation. His strategic knowledge of the specific practices and preferences of the local courts and agencies allows him to navigate these systems effectively, providing clients with a significant advantage in their legal proceedings.

Client Testimonials

Helped resolve 5 default convictions

5 star review“Michael helped me resolve 5 default convictions. If not for his knowledge and experience as to how Nassau County addresses Traffic violations, I would probably have around 11 points on my license, as well as have paid much more in fees. Michael was hands on and informative from my first phone call. He ended up accomplishing what he told me was possible. Today, I have 0 points on my license and ended up paying around half of what I would have had to pay, if my original judgement wasn’t removed, and that included Michael’s attorney fee. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend Michael to others who have Traffic Ticket issues in Nassau County!” – Sol

Brought my points down to zero

5 star review“Mr. Michael Alpert was professional and great to work with. He is trustworthy and honest. He brought my DMV points from 13 points down to zero. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He saved me from having my license suspended, I am grateful to him.” – Mariam

No points on my license thanks to him

5 star review“I found Michael’s information through google and was making my decision on what attorney to hire based on reviews left by others that has previously hired him. From the first phone call I knew right away he was the person I wanted to handle my cell phone ticket. This was my first ticket ever and I was very nervous about who to hire, and what the outcome might be. Michael was very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and put me at ease when he said he would represent my case. I’m very glad that I did and now my case is closed, and the ticket was dropped to a parking violation. No points on my license thanks to him. I highly recommend him with any traffic violation issues! Thanks again for all of your help! I will definitely be referring him to any friends or family that may run into the same issue I did.” – Antonella

Reduced my points to zero

“I would highly recommend Micheal Alpert to handle any traffic tickets/violations any time! He has a great personality. He took care of my traffic tickets like a true professional. I was amazed how was able to reduce my points to zero. So if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, do not hesitate. Call him and I assure you, he will make you very happy!” – Elona W.

The best at what he does

“Mike is the best at what he does. If you find yourself needing an attorney in this area this is who you should be going to. I approached mike with a cell phone violation and he was able to get the infraction reduced to a parking ticket. The awesome results are not the only thing that makes Mike the best. He also does a good job of letting you know all your options each step of the way and keeps you informed as the process moves forward. best at what he does.” – Paul B.

Client Traffic Ticket Successes

Story #1

I had a traffic client in Westbury Village Court and we were able to successfully reduce a two-point signal violation to a zero-point, non-traffic violation of jaywalking with minimal fines. Client was very pleased!

Story #2

Westbury Village Court client had a six-point speed (78/55 MPH Zone). We were able to successfully reduce the speed to a zero-point violation of discarding refuse on highway and reducing the unlicensed operator violation to a jaywalking violation. The client was very, very happy with the outcome.

Story #3

Client with a three-point speeding ticket pending in Westbury Village Court. Was able to successfully negotiate a reduction to a zero-point, non-traffic violation of jaywalking. The client was thrilled!

Traffic Tickets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the difference between the Westbury Village Court and Nassau County TPVA? 

Westbury Village Court handles local traffic violations and misdemeanors occurring within Westbury. The Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) deals with traffic and parking violations across Nassau County that don’t fall under local village jurisdictions.

Is Attorney Michael Alpert familiar with the Westbury Village Court and the Old Westbury Village Court? 

Yes, he has extensive experience handling traffic cases in both Westbury Village Court and Old Westbury Village Court, and is well-versed in the procedures needed to achieve favorable outcomes for my clients.

Are DWIs that allegedly occurred in Westbury, NY handled through the Westbury Village Court?

No, DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases that occur in Westbury, NY are not handled through the Westbury Village Court. DWI cases would fall under the jurisdiction of the Nassau County Court system, not the Westbury Village Court.

What are some common tickets that are issued in Westbury, NY that are handled in the Westbury Village Court? 

The most common tickets handled in the Westbury Village Court are for speeding violations, particularly on Jericho Turnpike and the Northern State Parkway. The court also handles other traffic violations such as cell phone use, failure to obey traffic signals, and driving with a suspended license.

About Westbury, New York

Westbury is a thriving community in Nassau County, New York, it has a mixture of cultural diversity and historical significance. Westbury offers an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, which draw both residents and visitors alike. The city’s commitment to arts and culture is evident in its support of venues like the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, providing a stage for both local and national performances.

Westbury is home to approximately 15,734 (2022) residents who enjoy a close-knit community atmosphere with the conveniences of suburban living, enhanced by easy access to New York City.

The area is served by multiple judicial facilities, including the Nassau County First District Court in nearby Hempstead, ensuring comprehensive legal coverage and accessibility for the residents of Westbury. The proximity to these courthouses provides convenient access for addressing legal matters locally.

The top 5 landmarks in Westbury include:


Westbury Village Court

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Westbury, New York 11590

Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA)

801 Axinn Avenue

Garden City, New York 11530

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226 Seventh Street, Suite 302, Garden City, New York 11530

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Map and Directions

Driving Directions

Here are step-by-step driving directions from the LIRR Westbury Train Station to the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert at 226 Seventh St, Garden City, NY 11530:

  1. From the Westbury train station, head north on Post Avenue for about 0.2 miles.
  2. Turn right onto Northern Boulevard (Route 25A) and continue east for approximately 8 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Seventh Street in Garden City.
  4. The destination at 226 Seventh St will be on your right.

The total distance from the Westbury train station to 226 Seventh St, Garden City is around 8 miles and the trip by car takes approximately 15-20 minutes in normal traffic conditions. You can also take public transportation, with the nearest bus stop being about a 5-minute walk from the destination.