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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Mineola, NY

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avvo-clients-choice-award-2021-michael-w-alpertAre you facing legal challenges such as traffic violations, speeding tickets, being charged for driving with a suspended license, or even a DUI/DWI? Feeling uncertain about the next steps to take? If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in the Mineola, NY area, attorney Michael W. Alpert can help.

Mr. Alpert has been a licensed attorney for over 25 years and has extensive experience practicing before the criminal and village courts (including Garden City and Mineola Village Courts), as well as the traffic agencies and Traffic Violation Bureaus (TVBs) in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City.

At the Law Offices of Michael W. Alpert, handling traffic matters is our primary area of concentration. Contact us today to request your FREE consultation. Call (516) 280-7288 or get in touch online here.

Our Specialization Areas

Our law office handles all traffic violations (infractions, misdemeanors, felonies), including speeding tickets, cell phone violations, trucking tickets, driving with a suspended license, driving with suspended registration, DWI/DUI, reckless driving, and engaging in speed contests.

Our Success Rate

We have an extremely high level of satisfied clients (97%) who receive a reduction or an outright dismissal of their traffic violations. Our proven track record of resolving cases in our client’s favor is supported by hundreds of authentic reviews on Google.

Our Court Experience is Extensive

We have extensive experience handling thousands of legal matters in the following Courts and Agencies:

Benefits of Working with Michael W. Alpert

Here are the reasons why our clients choose our law firm:

Choosing to work with Michael W. Alpert means not only utilizing his expertise in traffic law but also benefiting from a partnership that prioritizes your well-being and legal success. Our dedication is reflected in every step we take together, ensuring your journey through the legal system is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

How Our Mineola NY Traffic Lawyer Will Help You

Traffic Ticket and Violations

Speeding Tickets: Our attorney will thoroughly review the summons to look for deficiencies, and will best advise you on how to defend against it. Will review the driving record of the motorist to determine the best course of action and how the matter can be resolved. Attorney Michael W. Alpert is very familiar with the procedures and protocols for all local Courts and traffic agencies in New York.

Suspended License: This is a serious traffic misdemeanor and attorney Michael W. Alpert takes such matters very seriously. He will review the driving record with the motorist to address the underlying basis for the suspension and the steps to be taken to clear the suspension. Quite often, the attorney can get the misdemeanor reduced to a simple traffic (non-criminal violation) and can get many of the attached tickets dismissed in satisfaction of the plea.

Suspended Registration: This driving misdemeanor often results from a lapse of insurance and depending if the operator of the vehicle is the owner will determine how the case will be resolved. Regardless, the attorney gets great results for his clients.

Cell Phone Tickets: Whether it’s driving while talking or texting on the phone, attorney Michael W. Alpert knows what to look for regarding any facially insufficient components of the traffic violation. Quite often, he can get this five (5) point violation significantly reduced.

Trucking Tickets: These are generally Transportation Law violations such as overweight vehicles, brakes, steering, and other equipment violations that the attorney can get successfully reduced, and quite often dismissed outright. The company must retain an attorney if the tickets are issued to a corporation.

No Insurance Violations: Can carry a one (1) year license revocation and a high civil penalty if convicted. Attorney Michael W. Alpert knows how to navigate through such violations and can assist with getting the best possible violation, regarding whether the operator is the owner, or whether the vehicle carried insurance or not.

Reckless Driving: A five (5) point traffic misdemeanor conviction can result in jail time and have adverse immigration consequences as well as significant effects on your insurance. Attorney Michael W. Alpert is very well versed in the elements of this traffic misdemeanor and has represented many clients with this violation.

Stop Sign Violations: A common three-point violation that attorney Michael Alpert can help with. Quite often, this violation can be reduced to zero points and not affect one’s driving record or auto insurance premiums. If you get pulled over in Mineola, give us a call.

DWI/DUI Defense

If you need an experienced DWI / DUI layer in the Mineola area, attorney Michael W. Alpert has extensive experience defending clients charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and related charges in Nassau and Suffolk County.

The attorney sits with the client at the initial consultation and thoroughly reviews the charges with the motorist, including possible adverse consequences with the DMV.

He advises the best course of action once all of the discovery material has been submitted, and whether a plea bargain is in the best interests of the motorist, or whether grounds exist for dismissal of the action based upon numerous factors regarding the stop and whether constitutional safeguards were provided to the motorist.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

In-person or virtual consultations are available and can be conducted via phone, e-mail, or video conferencing (i.e. Zoom). Please note that all initial consultations with the Law Office of Michael W. Alpert are free of charge. Contact us online or call (516) 280-7288.

Why Choose Michael Alpert for your Mineola Traffic Case

Michael W. Alpert brings more than 25 years of legal experience. His track record in handling traffic cases is solid, with a large majority resulting in very successful outcomes. These often include no point convictions, non-criminal dispositions, or significantly reduced charges.

Choosing our law firm means you benefit from extensive experience and a firm commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our local clients, including those from Mineola or who get pulled over in Mineola, NY.

Client-Centric Approach

Our legal practice centers around you, ensuring easy access and clear, straightforward communication from start to finish. We use phone, text, or email to keep you well-informed and comfortable with your case. Our focus is on making your experience as smooth and worry-free as possible, offering the personalized care and expert advice you need. This approach is designed to bring you not just a successful outcome but also peace of mind throughout your legal journey.

Local Traffic Laws and Regulations

Michael W. Alpert has extensive experience in the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) and Garden City Village Court, which are both located in Garden City, NY. He has proudly represented many clients who reside nearby in Mineola as well and has appeared regularly in the local Mineola Village Court.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t say enough nice things about Michael Alpert! My family and I have needed his services from time to time and he always gets back to me ASAP. He is always very knowledge, ready, and willing to help and just an all-around great human being. I am so grateful that whenever I call him up, he’s always willing to help. In fact, I will be calling you again tomorrow Michael! When you need legal representation, it’s great to have Micheal in your contacts! And he comes highly recommended from other lawyers too! Also, for the record, I do not leave reviews.”

“Mr. Michael Alpert is expert and great with communication. He will keep you updated all the time, explain everything beforehand and throughout the process. He was transparent and honest.”

“Michael Alpert is the Michael Jordan of the legal profession. If you need someone to take the final shot with a few seconds left on the clock, you want the ball in Michael’s hands! I had an excellent experience from the very beginning. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient and above all gets results! 10/10 rating.”

“If I could give Michael Alpert 10 stars, I would. Michael was extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. Always answered my questions and explained everything thoroughly. Michael exceeded my expectations and got my ticket reduced substantially with 0 points. Highly recommend!!”

Client Traffic Ticket Successes in Mineola, NY

Case 1: A client faced 6 points in the Mineola Village Court including 2 traffic violations for unsafe lane change and failure to yield. Got both reduced to zero points, including non-traffic violations of Jaywalking and Parking violations. Just walked away with a fine. The client was very pleased.

Case 2: Had a local client with many tickets arising for Driving with a Suspended Registration, which is a traffic misdemeanor (a crime). We were able to reduce the misdemeanor charge in Nassau District Court to a zero point simple traffic infraction of having an unregistered vehicle with minimal fine and the remaining charges were dismissed! The client was relieved and so happy at the results Michael W. Alpert provided.

Case 3: We had a DWI case where the motorist was charged with a misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated, which is a crime. After negotiations and strong legal acumen, Michael was able to achieve an excellent result for the client of a reduced charge for Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), which is a traffic violation, not a crime. This result helped the client maintain their employment and record.

About Mineola, NY

Located on Long Island in Nassau County, New York, Mineola is a vibrant city with a rich history and a diverse community. Mineola offers residents and visitors a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience.

City Highlights:

Mineola has a variety of attractions, including picturesque parks like Wilson Park and Mineola Memorial Park, perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation. The city’s downtown area is a hub of activity with a range of dining options, boutique shops, and cultural venues. Additionally, Mineola is home to the historic Nassau County Courthouse and the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building, adding to its unique charm.


There is an approximate population of 21,433 (2021) residents.


Situated near Mineola are prominent courthouses such as the Nassau County Supreme Court and the Nassau County District Court. These courthouses play a vital role in the legal landscape of Long Island, offering essential services to residents and businesses in need of legal assistance.

Popular landmarks close to Mineola include the Long Island Children’s Museum, Nassau Community College, and Michael’s alma mater Hofstra Law School.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I have a misdemeanor traffic ticket in Mineola Village Court, can I just send in a resolution by mail?

No, if your traffic ticket is for a misdemeanor, you have to show up in court yourself. In the Mineola Village Court, in certain instances, you may be able to have your attorney appear on your behalf with a written authorization.

Can I take care of a traffic ticket infraction over the phone in Mineola Village Court?

Generally, the answer is no.

What happens if I just ignore my traffic ticket or violation in Mineola Village Court?

Ignoring a ticket can lead to your driving license or privileges being suspended, and you might also face an arrest warrant.

What should I do if my ticket has led to a warrant?

To deal with a warrant, you must go to court to have the warrant cleared. If you don’t, you risk being arrested and forced to go to court. It’s always better to go to court voluntarily to sort out the warrant.

Can my driver’s license be suspended in another state if I have a license from a different state?

While you can only hold a driver’s license from one state, your right to drive can be suspended in another state for various reasons, such as not responding to tickets or accumulating too many points.

What is the role of traffic lawyers in Mineola Village Court?

Traffic lawyers defend individuals and companies facing vehicle and traffic law (VTL) misdemeanors or violations, including cases related to trucking under the Transportation Law (TL).

Is it against the law to overtake using the shoulder in New York?

Yes, passing on the shoulder is illegal and is considered a three-point violation for improper passing.

How do traffic violations impact insurance in New York?

Most moving violations will affect your insurance to some degree. The severity of the violation typically dictates the impact on your insurance premiums.

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